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    615,00 € In Stock

    Log peeler tool D220 SPH with lightest 9'' (230 mm) grinder Makita GA9012c (230 V AC machine!) on the market, secured with extra protective cover PC-D230. This compact peeling machine weights only 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs) - this set consists all what professional woodworker needs to start peeling, carving, shaving and other similar works. 

    615,00 €
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    270,00 € Out of stock

    Log peeler tool D125 PLR for 5'' (125 mm) angle grinder with spindle thread UNC 5-8''-11. This type of peeling tool is designed to peel smaller logs like stair handrails etc. and also for garving and shaping works. Tool outer side and also cutting blade outer corner is rounded - it allows to peel also warped (curved) logs and also unedged timber. Tool...

    270,00 €
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Showing 13 - 14 of 14 items