Lahzit OÜ established in 2014 beginning as a consulting and mechanical engineering design company in the machine building field. 

We develop and produce technical products in small series (according to orders), but we have focused primarily on the development, production and sales of special woodworking tools.

Lahzit OÜ produce tools in small series, using quality materials from around the world (BaerCoil®, Ruukki Metals, Kanefusa™ etc.) and we follow the standards, in particularly EN 847-3:2013 Tools for woodworking - Safety requirements.  We continuously analyze feedback from our customers' and we working closely with other Estonian small industires and univesity labs to improve our tools' performance.  In such a way, we create good Estonian things, which are marked with the trademark LAHZIT®.

In a smaller scale we dealing with mechanical engineering consulting and other engineering services.

Best regards,


Toomas Laatsit (CV)

MSc, Mech Eng

+372 51 051 84 / +372 7 456 176

Elva, Estonia/Estland (Northern Europe)